This day...five years in the making

Today River started Kindergarten...
along with 14,000 other kids in Utah I realize.
But today was River's day.

Every year River stands at the bus stop in her robe like a good little housewife waving goodbye to our older kids.

Every year she participates in the night before school fashion show wearing
her old hand-me-downs.

River inherited Lauren's old backpack, and has had it ready since 2005.

Every odd Halloween pencil or Easter bunny ruler was filed away in the backpack and re-organized almost daily.

So there we were today.

Standing at the door of her classroom.

Her big moment was also my big moment.

I tend to get sentimental and was trying to make something monumental of the moment....
I could feel my own tears just within reach.

So as I fumbled for the camera, making small talk with other moms,
I looked around and she was gone.

I peeked in the room and there she was sitting quietly and contently in her chair at the Red table.

I wanted to get mad at her for being in such a hurry.
"Quit being so ready to grow up!" I should've shouted.
"school lunch and homework are so overrated!"
"stay home with me still and we will watch YouTube videos together."

Well, we worry and cry when they grow up...
I suppose we would do the same if they didn't.


Roberts said…
Try dropping your baby off at BYU and then going home to an empty house. Actually we are enjoying the quiet at least for awhile.
Allyson said…
awww that made me have watery eyes! I'm not looking forward to Ivies first day of preschool.
Elise said…
She looks so so cute! I love that skirt. I can't believe she started school either. Wow.
Randi said…
You summed it all up, as usual! She looked adorable for her first day! I remember going to the Love & Logic classes with you and baby River...where does the time go?
Saffron Grass said…
Just kidding Hil. River looks likes she couldn't be any more content or satisfied with herself. And that's the way you want her to be when you leave her to her own devices for the first time. I like the skirt, of course I can tell you made it.
Platt Lucky 7 said…
Just think how well prepared she it. Great Job!
Amie said…
River, River. I thought of you on your first day of school. What a delight you are.
She is so cute!! You can drop her off any time!! I will trade you for one or both of my
The Aspirant said…
That's the cutest outfit. I wish I had that to wear on my first day back to school. Oh, little River, I can't wait to hear about all she's learning.

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