Calamity Jane!

"You got a problem with that?"
This is Lauren's Wax Museum project.
Sorry for my bad filming abilities...
I can't hold the baby, watch and work the camera at the same time.
(about 9 seconds in I finally turn the camera right side up)
But, trust was adorable!
Lauren did a great job especially after performing her "bit"
over and over for about an hour straight.
Everyone had gathered around to press her button,
saying..."you gotta see this" and "just do it one more time."
Calamity Jane herself would've been proud.
Thanks for watching
....Now Git!


Platt Lucky 7 said…
I love checking out your blog. I laugh everytime. Your kids are adorable. Amy Platt
Saffron Grass said…
Lauren is awesome and charming even when trying to be a cad. This gives me so many ideas for our future wax museums, though now we only have Luke and Mary left. But the way things are going Mary is sure to be Calamity Jane. Hopefully Lauren will be okay with giving acting pointers when she is a big teenager with boys hanging on her every word.
Lindsay Family said…
That is so cute. Your blog is always so fun. I went to high school with Dean in Tabby and I ran into your blog from Leisa's. She is a cousin to my husband (Dean Lindsay). Small World.

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