Have you ever had a Sheriff show up at your house, draw his gun and then take a k-9 unit through your house sniffing out an armed robber

no?... well, I have!

Monday, I was out shopping when I got an urgent call
from our neighbor saying...
"Someone has just broken into your house and robbed you,
but do not worry; we already called the Sheriff,
and a K-9 unit is on its way."

Apparently, she was walking by our house when she noticed
that our back door was wide open.
So, knowing that we were out, she went to shut the door for us.
That's when she noticed that the lock on the back
door had been broken into.

Actually, it only looks like that because Dean practically
ripped the doorknob off while trying to replace it,
and has never put the new one on.

Panicking, our sweet neighbors called the Sheriff,
who then sent for the k-9 unit,
which ended up searching
(with guns drawn)
every inch of our home calling out the bad guys.
(All while the kids and I were browsing in Target.)

Imagine my embarrassment (actually I made Dean do it)
having to tell the Sheriff, that there is no emergency,
just our irresponsibility.

Saying Ah well, makes everything all better....so, Ah Well.

By the way...
I'm sure you know that Mervyn's is going out of business.
Liquidation! Sale! Everything Must Go!...right?
Don't waste your time.
40% off a kids hoodie originally priced at $45 isn't a great deal.
Also, all sales are final.
A good sale at JCPenny or Macy's beats anything at Mervyns right now.

Ah Well.


Randi said…
No...but I have had the fire dept, no make that 2 fire depts (SF and Springville) an ambulance and a gaggle of Co. Sherrifs searching frantically thru my parents' house to find the source of billowing black smoke only to emerge (shortly after making the decision that it was prob electrical and they were going to chop a hole in the roof) with a pot of stew my mom accidentally left on HIGH on the stove all day while we were in school/work. NICE. It's all in a day's work for those guys I think. Glad to know you didn't actually have a robber. Funny story tho!

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